Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Making Your House a Home

Your house, the place you live, hang out, socialize in. Is it comfortable? What can make it more comfortable? Home decorating is what it is all about. Do a test, sit in a room with nothing on the walls, all white, plain and bland. How does it make you feel? No warmth at all huh? Add color to the walls and some pictures, lighting, and it makes you feel better more comfortable. What is at the door to greet your guests? Planting a flower bed, adding small touches outside make it more pleasant.

If you looking into decorating your home try some home decor directories, or some sites that offer some advice on how to design and decorate your home.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Things That Bug Me

Well I just wrote about how stealing images really irritate me, so I thought I would write about another pet peeve. Not getting things you order on time through the mail. I know at times the postal service can be slow or even the company takes their slow sweet time like 2 weeks to get it out. Then charge you out the butt for shipping and handling. Sometimes more than what the bloody thing cost in the first place.

I had a couple of orders from Wal-Mart come missing or taking to long. These were from different days of ordering and supposedly sent out at different times. They ended up using APX. Who in the heck is APX? I had never heard of them. They give my items to an off the wall package service. I thought OK we will see how it goes. By the way, part of one order had been shipped out Priority by the USPS. Which is good as I paid an arm and a leg for shipping.

I ordered quite a bit of stuff. My daughter is having a baby next month in May and she wanted it to be all Pooh items for the big stuff. The first part came within a week. Not bad considering that I live overseas and the USPS takes it to NY, then Military takes it from there to here in Germany where I live. As you can imagine how hard it is to find all Pooh items over here in Germany. This is also my first Grandchild and I wanted to start early on the spoiling.

At any rate, the 2nd part of the stuff was supposedly shipped on the 3rd of March. I ordered the items like Feb the 27th. Enough time to get here right? We will see as the 2nd part isn't here yet. I also put in another order on the 6th of March and it was supposedly shipped out on the 9th. Now I didn't know I wasn't going to get the items within a good time. I have ordered things online before and got them OK. Although I had sent out a package and it took over a moth for the person to get it. I mailed it Priority. I don't scalp people for shipping and handling though.:-) I did get an email that APX had gone bankrupt 2 weeks after my ordering and said it would be a few days delayed. So, I ask again why use an off the wall company????

April the 1st, over a month later on some of the items. Yep the joke is on me. I haven't received the items. I called Wal-Mart and they said they could refund my money or re-send the items. I said I want the items. Why would I have ordered them in the first place if I didn't want them? So, now I have to wait a couple of days for them to track down the items. If they can't find them they will reship it. Then I have to wait a little more. What can I do I have no choice the baby has to have Pooh?

Great news in the end. The items finally get here on April 15th. Phew, thought the baby was going to arrive first!