Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ethical SEO Expert

The most irritating thing is to read some ethical SEO Experts preach about ethics when the are not ethical themselves. Yes, it makes you wonder how they can spew out this crud laden BS everywhere. Much more they think they are attacked on a personal level. I say hey bud, you wanna preach ethics be totally ethical yourself!

Don't have sites that are very similar scraper style with some links made for your vacation spots. Yep your so called ethics have been found for those of you ethical SEO activists. Or how about those other blogs that mimic the sites are SEO'ed by the ethical SEO expert huh? Yep, all that preaching about do not engage in link building but are found doing the most unethical thing. It will be exposed every unethical practice

The worst unethical thing an SEO can do is place their link on the clients website. This is stealing from the pocket that pays you!